The God Hater Reviews

When one of the most creative minds I know gets the best idea he’s ever had and turns it into a novel, it’s fasten-your-seat-belt time. This one will be talked about for a long time.
--Jerry B. Jenkins author of Left Behind

A most fascinating story! Full of heart, suspense and intelligence, The God Hater engagingly illustrates the futility of man made beliefs as well as the world’s desperate need for a God who offers hope, guidance and help.
--Tim LaHaye author of Left Behind

Bill has written another heart wrenching, mind gripping novel that delivers on so many levels.  Like the Gospel, The God Hater is more than just a great read.  I highly recommend it!
--Doug Fields, Teaching Pastor Saddleback Community Church 
Bestselling author of Refuel & Fresh Start

An original masterpiece.  'The God Hater' re-opens our eyes to God's absolute justice and His unfathomable love. 
--Dr. Kevin Leman, bestselling author of "Have a New Kid by Friday"

If you enjoy white-knuckle, page-turning suspense, with a brilliant blend of cutting-edge apologetics,The God Haterwill grab you for a long, long time.
--Beverly Lewis, NY Times bestselling author

I've never seen a more powerful and timely illustration of the incarnation. Bill Myers has a way of making the Gospel accessible and relevant to readers of all ages. I highly recommend this book.
--Terri Blackstock, NY Times bestselling author

Once again, Myers takes us into imaginative and intriguing depths, making us feel, think and ponder all at the same time. Relevant and entertaining, The God Hater is not to be missed.
-- James Scott Bell, bestselling author of Deceived and Try Fear.

"A brilliant novel that feeds the mind and heart, The God Hater belongs at the top of your reading list."
--Angela Hunt, NY Times bestselling author. 

“The God Hater is a rare combination of Christian fiction that is both entertaining and spiritually provocative.  It has the ability to challenge your mind as well as move your heart.  It has a message of deep spiritual significance that is highly relevant for these times.”
--Paul Cedar, Chairman Mission America Coalition