Monday December 18, 2017
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Angel of Wrath
Angel of Wrath

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Copyright © Bill Myers

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Copyright © Bill Myers

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Copyright © Bill Myers

Publisher: FaithWords
ISBN-10: 0446698008
ISBN-13: 978-0446698009

About the Book

Book 2 of The Voice series

Burned-out Special Ops Agent Charlie Madison; Lisa, a friend who has been kicked out of the FBI; and Jaz, his quirky thirteen-year-old niece, must work together to find a ruthless serial killer. The madman systematically murders one "sinner" after another who attended a popular megachurch that seems focused only on increasing attendance.

Meanwhile, a coven of teens play with satanic practices they don't understand until they accidentally release a terrifying entity into their world. Made of mist but full of fury, the creature attacks its victims with memories of their guilt-ridden pasts.

Terror and tension increase on every side as the killer and creature join forces. Now Charlie and his group must rely on their wits, strength, and above all, their faith, to fight the deranged forces of earth and the relentless powers of hell. More than a suspense thriller, ANGEL OF WRATH will keep you turning pages long into the night and thinking throughout the day.

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