Child's Play


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Publisher: Amaris Media
SKU: # 9780578132198

About the Book


TIME: Fifty years in the future. Religion has been banned. 

LOCATION: Sisco Heights Mental Health Facility 


- A seer who has delightful conversations with tattoos, electric shavers, and janitorial supplies 

- A wannabe superhero, complete with shower cap, goggles, and bath towel cape 

- A prophet who sees 20 seconds into the future 

- A janitor who every night burns lists the patients have 

written of their daily shortcomings 

- An amnesiac who opens a fortune cookie and reads: 

“You are my favorite child. God” 

Careful to avoid state scrutiny, these quirky characters begin to explore the amazing possibilities if such a statement is true. The thinking soon infects other patients and the government must tighten its noose until it is met with some startling surprises. 

A quick and fun read, this first installment of The Last Fool series will make you chuckle while pausing to think.