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"Strong writing, edgy…replete with action…Myers's popular reputation and the book's link to current events will likely woo readers." -PUBLISHER'S WEEKLY

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"Bill Myers writes a crisp, express train read featuring 3D characters, cinematic settings and action, and, as usual, a premise I wish I'd thought of..." -FRANK E. PERETTI
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Best-selling author. Award-winning filmmaker. To date, Bill Myers' books and videos have sold over 8 million copies. Not bad for a man who never wanted to be a writer.
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ultimate Christmas love storyDevoted Heart - The Ultimate Christmas Love Story

From the Back Cover...

I dream about her every night -- the curve of her face in my hands, the smell of her hair, the way my heart swells at the sound of her laughter -- every detail about the girl I’ve secretly adored since 7th grade.  My throat still tightens as I remember her tears when she accepted my ring and later, her sobbing in my arms when I told her I had to serve our country. I remember everything. Everything that came crashing down when I stepped off the plane and my best friend told me my fiancé, the girl I’ve cherished my whole life, was 8 ½ months pregnant. And the story she’s made up? An angel? Absurd! How can we possibly go on. I don’t understand. I don’t understand any of it. But I love her.

Experience the ultimate Christmas love story, a retelling of the birth of Jesus as if it happened today. Told from Joseph’s point of view, this riveting and dramatic story of the nativity captures all the emotions of obeying God when nothing makes sense. Experience Joseph’s heart-wrenching story of love and devotion as he learns his pregnant fiancé has not only been faithful but has chosen him to be the stepfather of the savior of the world. Share the raw emotions of a young couple grappling with love, despair, doubt, fear and ultimately an unimaginable birth. Devoted Heart replaces the been–there, know–it–all Christmas card clichés with the powerful emotion and compelling drama of the true Gospel.


Nearly all of Bill's children's series have made the bestseller list.
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Watch Silver Dove Film Interview With Bill Watch Silver Dove Interview with Bill Watch the Silver Dove Films Inter view with Bill Myers hosted by Michael Gier.
Watch the Silver Dove Films Inter view with Bill Myers hosted by Michael Gier.
Bill Myers talks about his first adult non-fiction book, The Jesus Experience.

Inside The Mind

One of the most original minds in supernatural suspense, Bill Myers deftly weaves timeless truths into incredible tales, powerful and thought provoking, his worlds have brought millions of readers not only amazement and entertainment, but also into a deeper encounter with God.

Here, new territories are explored. Old assumptions are tested. Comfort zones are stripped away. Characters are pushed past all imaginable limits as readers are drawn along a spine tingling tour that ultimately brings them face to face with the mystries of God.

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Wally McDoogle strikes again! The 28 volume boys book series has done so well (2.2 million books and counting) the publisher is updating (no one knows what a Walkman is) and re-releasing them for the upcoming generation. Yikes! ...

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