Rendezvous with God - Volume One: A Novel


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Publisher: Fidelis Publishing
ISBN-13: 978-1735428581

About the Book

Bill reads sample chapter. Audiobook now available.

“If you have ever wished for a personal encounter with Jesus Christ, Rendezvous with God may be the next best thing. Bringing Jesus into contemporary times, Bill Myers shows us what Jesus came to do, and why He had to do it. This little book packs a powerful punch.”

- Angela Hunt, New York Times bestselling author of The Jerusalem Road series



A reclusive college professor’s life is turned upside down by his impulsive, runaway niece who decides she’s going to live with him. To make matters worse, he begins slipping back in time to watch various Gospel narratives unfold that include off-the-record discussions with Jesus Christ. Soon he realizes his conversations tie directly into the drama, pain, and bitter-sweet comedy of his own life.