The Voice


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Publisher: FaithWords
ISBN-10: 0446697990
ISBN-13: 978-0446697996

About the Book

"I wish I'd thought of it. Succeeds splendidly! Two thumbs up!"
-Frank E. Peretti


Book 1 of The Voice series

What if the voice of God has been captured on tape?

What if it refutes the foundations of Judeo-Christian belief?

What if its power could dissolve the very reality it created?

Burned-out Special Forces Agent Charlie Madison has his reclusive life turned upside down when his thirteen-year-old niece, Jazmin, barges into his empty world. Her parents have been kidnapped by radicals and he is the only one who can save them. While creating a computer program, her parents discovered and recorded the actual voice of God. Unfortunately, the implications have shaken the world's religions to their core . . . and some have taken action. Now Charlie must come out of retirement to rescue both the parents and the program, utilizing the Special Ops experience he has tried so hard to forget.

With the help of the attractive and mysterious Lisa Harmon, Charlie and his niece circle the globe tracking the religious radicals. But deep and disturbing complications arise. Far more is at stake than the safety of the parents or even religion. If the voice of God created reality, this same voice can destroy it. The voice of God could become a weapon of mass destruction that would make all others obsolete . . . if it could be controlled.

Soon the trio is fighting against not only various religious powers, but major governments as well. They race from Switzerland to Egypt, from Saudi Arabia to Rome in search of Jazmin's parents and the program . . . until finally the program is discovered and played back with unimaginable results that alter the very reality the voice spoke into existence.